About Infrastructure

Last modified on: Monday May 25, 2020

School's infrastructure and various facilities being provided by the Sagacity English School Ward 6 Ghuwara, Bada Malehra are discussed below.

Location & Approach

Sagacity English School Ward 6 Ghuwara is located in Urban area of Madhya Pradesh state/ut of India. In Ward 6 Ghuwara area of Bada Malehra block of Chhatarpur district. Area pincode is 471313.

School is approachable by all weather roads.


School owns a library for students and staff and there are near about 40 books in the library.

Computer Lab

There is a computer lab in school for learning purpose and almost 4 computers are there in the computer lab.

Computer Aided Learning (CAL)

To make teaching learning process joyful, interesting and easy to understand through audio-visual aids School has implemented CAL (Computer Aided Learning) or better known as Computer Based Learning. CAL is currently functional in the school.

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